Private tour of Rome by car with English speaking driving-guide

English speaking driver-guide for tours of Rome by private car or minivan. Shore trips from the ports.

Excursions in the countryside. Tours of Rome by electric golf cart. Exclusive tours of Rome.

Shore excursions, day trips, journeys through Italy

These are vehicles I use for tours of Rome, shore excursion to tour Rome from the port of Civitavecchia; day trips to Florence, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Assisi and other major attractions.
Mercedes E Class Mercedes "E-Class" - Seats 4 + driver
The Mercedes E Class is a comfortable sedan which, Mercedes says, can accommodate four passengers plus driver. In reality, it's only comfortable for 3 people plus driver  The trunk is fairly large, but in the past there have been cases in which the luggage of 3 people hardly fitted in it. So unless the group of 4 includes at least one child, it is preferable to you the minivan to tour with 4 people. Obviously the cars is equipped with air conditioning, but what people really like in this car is it's double glass roof through which one can see all around and on above when sightseeing.

Mercedes "Vito"

Mercedes "Vito" - Seats 8 + driver
The Mercedes "Vito" is a very comfortable and modern minivan. It can accommodate 8 passengers plus driver, but you cannot exaggerate with luggage. It has a triple sun roof with is very handy when sightseeing. Separate air conditioning, front and back, provides good comfort to all the passengers. What makes minivans really good for sightseeing is that you sit up, higher than a regular car, and you can see over the top of the other cars or the parapets of bridges and such. One thing I have to say though, is that the 8th passenger doesn't have a whole lot of room.
The Electric Golf Cart

The golf cart is the best vehicle for touring around Rome! I can take you anywhere in this and stay off the main streets with all the traffic. Driving around Rome in a golf cart one can reach the main attractions driving through the evocative streets of the old city, avoiding most of the main streets crowded by all kinds of noisy and smelly vehicles. You can stop for a great ice cream at a little out-of-the-way place instead of spending a fortune and buy crap from vendors outside the Colosseum. Enjoy having your lunch at an authentic little “trattoria” with the locals, instead of the touristy restaurants where they serve you frozen food.

Absolutely the best way to tour of Rome for the disabled or anyone with walking problems, but also the most fun for children!