The best tour of Rome for everyone, but especially, the best tour of Rome for disabled persons, or anyone with walking problems, and the best tour for kids! Disabled persons are driven right to the doorstep of the buildings or through areas where cars aren't allowed and get to see all the places that would not be otherwise accessible to them. Kids simply take it as a fun ride and they don't keep asking "are we there yet?" Ladies enjoy looking inside the shops, since we come very close to them as we drive on the narrow streets, while their husbands...

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Absolutely the best tour of Rome for the disabled or anyone with walking problems!

The best tour of Rome for grannies and kids! The most innovative and ecological way to tour Rome!

Absolutely the best tour of Rome for everyone, but especially for the the disabled !!!

The ultimate, most exciting, effortless, ecological and enjoyable way to discover Rome.
Let's tour Rome by electric golf cart !!!
It's the best way to see Rome !!! 

After touring people around Rome for 40 years, I discovered a new way to do it and, believe me, it's the best way!!! You get to know the city as if you walked it, but don't walk it! You sit comfortably and you fully enjoy the city around you. Driving through the evocative streets of the old city, avoiding most of the main streets crowded by all kinds of noisy and smelly vehicles. Notoriously, the best way to visit a city like Rome is to walk it, but walking requires a lot of time and energy and not all the tourists have that, so they tour around by bus or car and they only get out of when get to the biggest attractions, missing most of the magic of Rome. As you drive in the golf cart, you get to look inside the shops, peek at the courtyards of the old buildings and have fun with people's comments of as you drive past them.

As you drive through the neighborhood markets you hear the calling of the vendors and smell the fresh fruit that’s being sold. In other words you participate to the life of Rome, instead of looking at it from the window of car or bus! We can practically drive you anywhere and get you really close to the places to visit. You can see a lot of the sites without even getting out of the cart! You can take your pictures any time you like and stop practically anywhere you want. You drive through the narrow backstreets and areas where only pedestrians and bicycles are allowed and get to see the real Rome! You can stop for a great ice cream at a little out-of-the-way place instead of spending a fortune and buy crap from vendors  outside the Colosseum. Enjoy having your lunch at an authentic little “trattoria” with the locals, instead of the touristy restaurants where they serve you frozen food.

Touring Rome by electric golf cart you drive to the main attractions via the old and narrow streets, almost deserted by the average tourist,  and see the real Rome.

A memorable experience, a tour you’ll always remember!

Absolutely the best tour of Rome for the disabled or anyone with walking problems!

We can also arrange theme tours for you, such as:


ü  Baroque Rome

we'll show you all the great churches, buildings and statues

of the Baroque period.

ü  Ancient Rome

we'll show you the Roman ruins that are not as obvious as the

Colosseum or the Roman Forum.

ü  Angels and Demons

You’ll see all the sites you saw in the movie or read about in the


ü  Jewish Rome

The Jews have come to Rome in the 2nd century B. C. and never left.

See where they lived and hear their history.