The best tour of Rome for the disabled or people with mobility problems.

The golf cart tour finally makes Rome accessible to disabled persons or anybody with walking problems.

We cannot take you inside buildings, but we'll take you much closer to them than a normal car can get you!

The best way to tour Rome for you if you can't walk at all, if you can only walk short distances.

The most ecological, comfortable, instructive, disabled friendly tour of Rome you can possibly get!

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Absolutely the best tour of Rome for the disabled or anyone with walking problems!

This is the very best way to tour for a disabled visiting Rome, a lot better than touring Rome by car or walking it!

I've been driving tourists around Rome by car for many years, and countless times I had clients who had to use a wheel chair to get around or simply they couldn't walk too far. Though some of these people wouldn't have chosen to take a private car tour normally, they ended up deciding to tour Rome by car because of their mobility problems. As we toured Rome by car though, after the first two or three stops because of the trouble they had getting in and out of the car, they decided to just sit in the car and wait while their tour companions visited the sites. Two or three stops later they got bored of sitting in the car waiting and just call themselves out. They ask to be driven back to their hotel. This doesn't happen when we tour Rome in the golf carts!

In fact, that the very first person I toured by golf cart was a lady who had serious trouble walking! We stopped at Villa Borghese, where someone was renting out golf carts and I had the idea, I thought the golf cart would have been the ideal means for her to tour in, since I could drive it up very close to the sites and she could see them without having to walk to them. I proposed it to the her and she said she would try for a couple of hours.

She ended up enjoying it so much that the "couple of hours" turned into three consecutive days !!!

What makes the tour of Rome by golf cart so special and easy for people with walking problems is that these little electric cars are allowed to drive practically anywhere, especially if they have disabled persons aboard. This means that we can drive our clients right to the door of the places they want to visit. Of course there might be some steps to climb and it'll depend on the specific case how we'll be able to do to solve this problem, but anyway it'll always be easier and more satisfactory than having to see thing from sitting in a car!

I can take two people and a wheel chair in the golf cart so, if this is your case, you have nothing to worry about: we'll help you get in and out of your wheel chair and push you around the inside of the places we visit.

I also have a special golf cart, which i call the "deluxe" with all the seats facing forward and a cargo box where i can store a wheel chair. See pic on the right.

The golf carts are very easy to get in and out of even for people with limited mobility, they have no doors!!!

You sit down in them like you would sit in a chair and get to know the city of Rome better than most tourists!

Touring around Rome with a wheelchair